What is in a Name?

D. E. Larsen, DVM The young mare was standing in the shade of the lean-to in the corner of the pasture. I could see that her tail was soaked from explosive diarrhea. “Winnie looks like she is losing a lot of weight, Doc,” Denton said. “It seemed to happen all of a sudden, almost overnight.Continue reading “What is in a Name?”

The Old Goat

The Old Goat  D. E. Larsen, DVM I had joined this practice in Enumclaw when I finished school in March of 1975. This was only my second weekend to be on call for emergencies.   The phone rang as I was helping Sandy clear the table after lunch. It had been a quiet weekend soContinue reading “The Old Goat”

Not Much Room for a Mouse 

D. E. Larsen, DVM We had several clients who always wanted to talk with me rather than the front desk. That was on the phone or in person. They were always men, and for the most part, they were large animal clients. They were accommodated if my time allowed for the conversation. These guys didn’tContinue reading “Not Much Room for a Mouse “