Leg of Lamb

D. E. Larsen, DVM Larry carefully laid the lamb on the exam table, being watchful of an obvious broken hind leg. “I know that this lamb isn’t worth much,” Larry said. “But I have a couple of little girls who are really upset.” “Do we know how this leg was broken?” I asked. “Or atContinue reading “Leg of Lamb”

My Calf Needs a Little Repair

D. E. Larsen, DVM “Doc, I think I have a calf that needs a little repair,” Larry said into the phone. “What is the problem Larry,” I asked? “One of the hind legs is not working quite right. I think it is broken. The cow was having a problem getting it out. She got outContinue reading “My Calf Needs a Little Repair”

Shot by a Neighbor

D. E. Larsen, DVM We moved the exam table to the side of the exam room to give a little more room to examine Michael’s Great Pyrenees. Jasmine was sore and had s small spot of blood in the middle of her back. “What do you think is wrong, Doc,” Michael asked? “I don’t know.Continue reading “Shot by a Neighbor”