D. E. Larsen, DVM The big Holstein cow groaned a little as we pulled the massive calf out through the large incision in her right flank. Dr. Reese and I had been working for some time doing this C-section. To say this was an oversized fetus was an understatement. This was the largest calf IContinue reading “Lacerations”

Dehorning Calves on the End of a Rope 

D. E. Larsen, DVM Don had the calves in a small area on one side of his barn. The good thing was they were all only four or five months old. The bad thing was there was no squeeze chute or headgate. I would be working these calves all on the end of the rope,Continue reading “Dehorning Calves on the End of a Rope “

Hold the Horse Down

D. E. Larsen, DVM  Mike was sitting behind the desk in the large animal hospital, his standard position during every one of our weeks of night duty at Colorado State University. “Mike, you seem to like the desk job,” I said. “Naw, not so much. I just need the experience of talking to people onContinue reading “Hold the Horse Down”