Hallowed Ground, Prefaced, From the Archives

Preface   I have posted this story before on this blog, but it is the most fitting story I have for a Memorial Day post. It speaks to the tremendous sacrifice suffered from a small group of farm families living along the banks of Catching Creek, a small tributary to the Coquille River. I grewContinue reading “Hallowed Ground, Prefaced, From the Archives”

Four Front Feet 

 D. E. Larsen, DVM I slowed as I approached Sudie’s driveway. It was hard to see in the daylight and almost impossible at ten o’clock at night. Sudie was waiting at the barn and waved when I pulled into the driveway. A late-night call was unusual for Sudie, especially on a Saturday night. She wasContinue reading “Four Front Feet “

Drunken Hounds 

D. E. Larsen, DVM I stood in the driveway, waiting for Jeremy to come out of the house, and I could see several hounds in the large kennel behind the house. They were staggering around, just like Jeremy described in his call. I watched as Jeremy made his way out of the back door ofContinue reading “Drunken Hounds “