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Welcome to my Blog. I have completed a full year and plan at least one more year. A book or two are in progress.

First a word about the picture above. This is the schooner Onward crossing the Bandon bar, under tow by the tug Triumph. The master of the Onward at this crossing was Sam Larsen, my grandfather. Picture is from circa 1902.

This picture is of me and kids a couple of weeks before we moved to Sweet Home. I had been in practice for a year and a half, our son was less than a month old.

This picture is over 40 years after the first and was taken at my retirement in December of 2016. These are dear friends and clients with Sandy and I in the middle (with the white hair).

Most of the stories posted here are dealing with my early years in veterinary medicine in a small town in Western Oregon, Sweet Home. Some childhood memories and stories from another small Oregon town where I grew up on a dairy farm, Myrtle Point. Some Army stories might sneak into the mix. So here goes, if you enjoy what you read, you can sign up to follow me below. And click on the memoir botton above or below for more stories.

At this time I am posting on Mondays and Fridays. If you subscribe the stories should be in your inbox before 6:00 AM PDT, most by 5:30.

Any feedback on this decision is welcome, as a comment, or via an email to I am mostly interested if you have difficulty navigating this site. I am still learning a little about this whole thing.

I have three books available on Amazon, The Last Cow in the Chute & other stories, Widow Woman’s Ranch & other stories, and Lambs and Crab Legs & other stories. My fourth book, The Daughter’s Horse & other stories, will be available on Amazon shortly, probably before the end of the year.

Books are for sale on Amazon for $19.95 – $19.99. Kindle books are $6.99, or they are free if you sign up for Kindle Unlimited. I also typically run a few days of promotions, on a quarterly basis, where the Kindle versions are offered for $0.00.

If you would like autographed copies, send me an email at with your order and email address. I will send you an invoice that you make a secure payment with a credit card on Square. Fill out your address and any personalization on the signing you would like. Autographed books are @19.99 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. Order two or three books with only one shipping and handling fee (good for up to three books).

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