The Spica Splint 

D. E. Larsen, DVM We stopped at the clinic to check on a cat that didn’t get picked up on Friday. Sandy and I had taken the kids to a matinee in Albany, and everyone was anxious to get home. Brenda came back to the kennel room with a bit of a frown on herContinue reading “The Spica Splint “

The White Cat

 D. E. Larsen, DVM Dixie was having some difficulty restraining Mary’s cat. Mary had the cat wrapped in a towel when she entered the clinic. It was still straining to turn flips as Dixie struggled with it on the exam table. Mary had withdrawn from the exam table and stood against the wall, concerned andContinue reading The White Cat

On a Thanksgiving Eve, From the Archives

On a Thanksgiving Eve  D. E. Larsen,DVM The barn was cold, but there was steam rising from the back of young heifer. A dusting of snow on her back was melting fast.  Bill and Connie Wolfenbarger had called with a heifer in labor.  They were not regular large animal clients but did visit the clinicContinue reading “On a Thanksgiving Eve, From the Archives”