The Telephone Pole

┬áD. E. Larsen, DVM l pushed through the door of the Corvallis TV Cable Company office building. A pretty, petite blond gal stepped up to the counter to welcome me. “What can we do for you today?” she asked. “I was here to apply for a job,” I said. “You must be the guy theContinue reading “The Telephone Pole”

Hallowed Ground, Prefaced, From the Archives

Preface   I have posted this story before on this blog, but it is the most fitting story I have for a Memorial Day post. It speaks to the tremendous sacrifice suffered from a small group of farm families living along the banks of Catching Creek, a small tributary to the Coquille River. I grewContinue reading “Hallowed Ground, Prefaced, From the Archives”

My Sasquatch Encounter

D. E. Larsen, DVM The school bus pulled up to the front of Myrtle Point High School, and everyone stepped out of the bus and ran through the light rain to the front doors of the school.  Once inside, Ben caught up with Don Miller and me.  “Terry and I are planning to go huntingContinue reading “My Sasquatch Encounter”