A Leap of Faith, From the Archives

D. E. Larsen, DVM Preface: The summer following my sixth-grade year, Dana Watson and I thoroughly explored all the lands between Broadbent and Gaylord and over the hill to Yellow Creek. That covered a circular area of about 15 square miles. We climbed cliffs, traversed Neal Mountain, followed streams, and marveled at the engineering ofContinue reading “A Leap of Faith, From the Archives”

Monday, October 8, 1956

The sun was just breaking through the clouds as we turned off the highway onto the long gravel road to Margery’s house. It had been a long drive to Smith River, and it would be good to get out and stretch my legs. Mom warned me about the long drive and said I would beContinue reading “Monday, October 8, 1956”

Notes on My Father, From the Archives

Frank William Larsen, 1909 – 1993 D. E. Larsen, DVM My father’s early life was difficult at its best. He grew into an exceptional father for having grown up without a father. He rarely spoke of his early life. And when he did, he only told stories in small snippets. It took me well overContinue reading “Notes on My Father, From the Archives”