Where is the Volar Pouch, from the Archives

D. E. Larsen, DVM   Dr. Adams was a massive man, both in his physique and in his professional reputation. He was not tall, less than six feet, but very muscular. His rugged facial features made him appear to have a scowl on his face in the best of times. In those moments, when heContinue reading “Where is the Volar Pouch, from the Archives”

Today’s Note to My Readers

My next book is ready for purchase. This is book 5 of the Series – Memoirs of a Country Vet.  Title: The Making of a Country Veterinarian It has less veterinary medicine and more of my early life; childhood, school, early college, Army, more college, and vet school. My books are available locally at LilliesContinue reading “Today’s Note to My Readers”

Surgical Anatomy, Fall Quarter, 1973 

D. E. Larsen, DVM Our junior year of veterinary school started with a bang. This was our first exposure to clinical medicine, and this was why most of us were here. But the rigors of the curriculum came as a new reality for some.  We were at the clinic a full forty-hour week. We hadContinue reading Surgical Anatomy, Fall Quarter, 1973