Today’s Note to My Readers

My next book is ready for purchase. This is book 5 of the Series – Memoirs of a Country Vet.  Title: The Making of a Country Veterinarian It has less veterinary medicine and more of my early life; childhood, school, early college, Army, more college, and vet school. My books are available locally at LilliesContinue reading “Today’s Note to My Readers”

Making a Teaser Bull 

D. E. Larsen, DVM The large animal surgery rotation in veterinary school with Dr. Annes was much more enjoyable than the rotation with Dr. Adams. Dr. Annes had a varied mix of species and was a great instructor. “Today, we have a young bull to make into a teaser bull,” Dr. Annes said. “What doContinue reading Making a Teaser Bull 

Surgical Anatomy, Fall Quarter, 1973 

D. E. Larsen, DVM Our junior year of veterinary school started with a bang. This was our first exposure to clinical medicine, and this was why most of us were here. But the rigors of the curriculum came as a new reality for some.  We were at the clinic a full forty-hour week. We hadContinue reading Surgical Anatomy, Fall Quarter, 1973