Dig the Hole Deep 

D. E. Larsen, DVM Mom stepped out of the kitchen as soon as I came through the door. There was no smile on her face, which could only mean that there was work to be done. “I want you to change into work clothes,” Mom said. “I was up checking Lila and Robert’s today. TheyContinue reading Dig the Hole Deep 

Today’s Note to My Readers

My next book is ready for purchase. This is book 5 of the Series – Memoirs of a Country Vet.  Title: The Making of a Country Veterinarian It has less veterinary medicine and more of my early life; childhood, school, early college, Army, more college, and vet school. My books are available locally at LilliesContinue reading “Today’s Note to My Readers”

A Well Placed M-80

D. E. Larsen, DVM We stepped out of the gym into the growing darkness of a winter evening. It was a clear sky and no rain in sight. “We are done early,” I said. “Mom won’t be here for at least a half hour. We may as well start walking and meet her on theContinue reading A Well Placed M-80