The True Nature of Things, From the Archives

By guest author John Marble If you are going to be successful running a small business in a small town, especially a small town that you weren’t born in, you had better be able to get along with the locals. In Doc Larsen’s case, of course, this meant not only getting along with the catsContinue reading “The True Nature of Things, From the Archives”

A Few Precious Hours, From the Archives

D. E. Larsen, DVM   I launched the drift boat at the Rock Creek Campground boat ramp. After parking the pickup and trailer. The kids decide that they need to run back to the camp for one last item.    “Okay,” I said, “I will pull the boat down by the camp and wait forContinue reading “A Few Precious Hours, From the Archives”

What’s in a Name

D. E. Larsen, DVM When I was a young boy, my great uncle, Ern Davenport, called me “Goliath.” I never knew why he assigned me that name. My name being David gave an obvious connection, but what event prompted it has been forever lost.   My grandparents had 10 children, and there were 29 of usContinue reading “What’s in a Name”