The Broadbent House

David E. Larsen, DVM To call it the Broadbent house was a little misleading. It was just an old farmhouse. Located a couple of miles above Broadbent on a small farm that dated from the early 1900s. Broadbent was more of a place than a town, even in 1950. Broadbent was about five miles fromContinue reading “The Broadbent House”

Notes on My Father

Frank William Larsen, 1909 – 1993 D. E. Larsen, DVM My father’s early life was difficult at its best. He grew into an exceptional father for having grown up without a father. He rarely spoke of his early life. And when he did, he only told stories in small snippets. It took me well overContinue reading “Notes on My Father”

The Plank Road, My First Job

D. E. Larsen, DVM We had moved to a small (160 acres) farm up the river from Broadbent in December of 1949. There was a lot of snow that winter. We probably had a foot of snow on the ground that January. That was unusual for Southwestern Oregon. With 2 older brothers, I learned everyContinue reading “The Plank Road, My First Job”