Long Road Home for Tramp

D. E. Larsen, DVM “Slow down a minute, Ralph,” Jan said as she was watching the old cat on the edge of Pleasant Valley Bridge in Sweet Home.  “Turn here,” Jan said, pointing at the bridge. Ralph turned and headed across the old bridge. “Stop, stop right here. That cat needs some help.” Jan almostContinue reading “Long Road Home for Tramp”

Edith and Coco

D. E. Larsen, DVM Edith was an older lady who you would see walking down the street in Sweet Home daily. I don’t think she drove, but maybe she just preferred to walk. Her hair was always curled but not what you would call well kept. Some would call her petite, and I am sureContinue reading “Edith and Coco”

Table Manners for the Old Dog

D. E. Larsen,DVM    Frank pushed through the door with Harley. Harley was an old yellow lab, very overweight, and suffering from arthritis due to all the extra weight.      “I need to see Doc, right away if possible!” he said abruptly. “Old Harley, he is not eating much since Kara passed. I’m notContinue reading “Table Manners for the Old Dog”