Charlie (a rewrite)

David E. Larsen, DVM It was a bright sunny afternoon in early June when I pulled up to the gate of the McCubbins’ farm. Frank had a llama with a vaginal prolapse and was close to her delivery date. When I got out to open the gate, I noticed a feral momma cat with aContinue reading “Charlie (a rewrite)”

Making a Teaser Bull 

D. E. Larsen, DVM The large animal surgery rotation in veterinary school with Dr. Annes was much more enjoyable than the rotation with Dr. Adams. Dr. Annes had a varied mix of species and was a great instructor. “Today, we have a young bull to make into a teaser bull,” Dr. Annes said. “What doContinue reading Making a Teaser Bull 

Cold Weather Delivery 

D. E. Larsen, DVM When I turned off the highway onto Liberty Road, my headlights flashed across a field that was white with a heavy frost.  “It’s going to be a cold one tonight,” I said to myself as I corrected for a slight skid of the truck’s rear end. “At least Scott Mountain RoadContinue reading “Cold Weather Delivery “