Happy Birthday Amy

D. E. Larsen, DVM 

I remember the day well.  The day in that year was a Friday, and I was in my Freshman year in veterinary medical school at Colorado State University. I was excited about your pending entrance into the world.  I was also concerned about missing the Friday afternoon exam in anatomy. Yours was the first birth to occur in the class, and everyone was excited for us. 

We made a trip to the doctor’s office early in the morning (Dr. Voss), and he decided it was time. They admitted your mother to the hospital (Poudre Valley Hospital) and started sublingual oxytocin at about 10:00 AM.

About 1:00 PM, the nurse, decided it was time to call Dr. Voss. They moved Sandy to the delivery room and started her final prep. Changing into to scrubs with Dr. Voss, he was in a casual mood and full of questions about vet school. He shared the same name as a young horse doctor on staff. There were a few stories that Dr. Voss, the horse doctor, liked to tell. I am sure the phone calls got mixed up at times.

We got into the delivery room a little after 1:30. The anatomy test was at 4:00 every Friday, and I was sure that I was going to miss it today. After Dr. Voss did a quick exam, he said he would break the water and get things started. He took a small hook and ruptured the amnion. I was a little surprised at the volume of the fluid rush. Dr. Voss turned away to set the hook aside, your mother did one hard push, and you were presented. He reached back and cradled your head, one more push, and you were out.

Can’t remember your weight, 8 pounds, and maybe some 12 ounces. A couple of stitches for Mom, cleaned you up a little, and you two were in a room by 2:30. I stuck around a bit until everyone was settled, and they moved you to the nursery. You were by far the prettiest baby there.

I made it back to class just before the exam. The entire class was in the amphitheater when I rushed in. Late arrivals were not allowed entry. There was a standing ovation and many congregations but no cigars. Everyone was shocked that I made it to the exam.

Now I am sure someone is going to ask for a story about the Drs. Voss. Sandy’s Dr. Voss was an older (gray hair) OB/Gyn, and Dr. Voss, the horse doctor, was a young man (40 some) and very popular with clients and students. He later became the Dean of the vet school, and the new teaching hospital is named after him. Dr. Voss always had stories to tell in class or on calls. He loved to tell the story of a phone call he received one evening during a porker game he was holding at his house. A large group of senior students was present. 

The call was from a young lady, “Dr. Voss?” She asked.

“Yes, this is Dr. Voss.” he replied.

The young lady then went into a long story about her problems to which Dr. Voss would say “I see” or “oh” or the like. Usually with an eye roll or other expressions to the now interested group.

Finally, after several minutes of listening Dr. Voss says “I’m sorry mam, I don’t think I can be of much help for you, I am Dr. Voss the horse doctor.”

There was a brief period of silence then a distinct and loud click as she hung up.

This was one of his favorite stories and had some truth to it as it was backed up by a large group of students.

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Country vet for over 40 years in Sweet Home Oregon. I graduated from Colorado State University in 1975. I practiced in Enumclaw Washington for a year and a half before moving to Sweet Home to start a practice.

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