Don’t Put Her in the Barn

D. E. Larsen, DVM Looking around as I waited for George, it was apparent this is a well kept old ranch, probably by a perfectionist. There was nothing out of place. The barn was old, with a little bow in the roof’s ridgeline, but it had a fresh coat of bright red paint. The smallContinue reading “Don’t Put Her in the Barn”

The True Nature of Things

By guest author John Marble If you are going to be successful running a small business in a small town, especially a small town that you weren’t born in, you had better be able to get along with the locals. In Doc Larsen’s case, of course, this meant not only getting along with the catsContinue reading “The True Nature of Things”

Hallowed Ground, Prefaced

Preface   I have posted this story before on this blog, but it is the most fitting story I have for a Memorial Day post. It speaks to the tremendous sacrifice suffered from a small group of farm families living along the banks of Catching Creek, a small tributary to the Coquille River. I grewContinue reading “Hallowed Ground, Prefaced”