A Note to My Readers

D. E. Larsen, DVM

The stories on this blog are my memoirs. They are stories based on real people and real patients. However, most of the names are incomplete, changed, or obscured. The exceptions are a few individuals who are now deceased and who I hold in such high regard that I cannot bring myself to hide their identity.

The events are as accurate as my memory allows. The stories are sometimes embellished, only slightly, to allow for a better narrative. There are only a few words of fiction. There are a couple of stories that were related to me by clients, and I had only second-hand knowledge of the event. Still, to the best of my knowledge, the incident happened.

The majority of stories are based in and around Sweet Home. Some are found in Myrtle Point and Broadbent, where I grew up. 

A couple of Army stories may show up. I was in the Army Security Agency for 1965 through 1969. I trained mostly in Massachusetts and then served in Korea and Germany.

There are several stories based in Enumclaw Washington, where I practiced when first out of school. And a few stories from my school years.

Surprisingly, many stories come from events that happened in the middle of the night, I guess those stick in my memory better. I was always a cow doctor at heart, and those events also seem to be higher in my list of memories.

My plan is to publish a series of these memoirs, hopefully starting sometime soon. I also have two easy reader book series in the works. These are written for 4th or 5th grade and up. Books will be 12 chapters, 10,000 to 12,000 words, and based on the adventures of a couple of the patients who have already appeared in this blog.

I am interested in any feedback you may have. You are welcome to give that in the comment section of the stories, or here. You can also contact me with feedback at my email address, d.e.larsen.dvm@peak.org.

Or on Facebook, I am David E. Larsen.


Published by d.e.larsen.dvm

Country vet for over 40 years in Sweet Home Oregon. I graduated from Colorado State University in 1975. I practiced in Enumclaw Washington for a year and a half before moving to Sweet Home to start a practice.

6 thoughts on “A Note to My Readers

  1. My uncle’s dairy farm was in Leominster, Massachusetts. He had Holsteins, and a couple of pet raccoons at one point. He was a veteran of WWII, saw combat in Europe. You probably would have enjoyed talking to him.


  2. I love the stories and I will hereby order two copies for our niece and nephews! Keep up the good work Dave. Carol

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  3. Dr Larsen, i truly enjoy your stories, so keep up the good work.

    Other than an occasional dog visit ( or maybe a ewe once), i didn’t frequent your office. Though you probably responded to my grandfather Floyd Emmert and his cattle at times. Growing up in Sweet Home i certainly know and respect some of the names, or locations i can recognize.

    keep writing. Arlen Emmert


  4. Thought of another cute story you used to tell, two actually. Both concerned local physicians. Doc Byers (?) used to diagnose head lice every fall when school started and then recommend that kids with lice whose family owned a cat have their cat put down. Every fall we would call Doc Byer and once again explain that lice are species specific to no avail. You also talked about a local MD who attempted a kitchen table cat spay one night and got way over his head. Luckily he called you and you were able to sort it out.
    Keep on writing. I love your stories.


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